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Do you wanna betta butt?
I recently went shopping where I stumbled upon this jeans where they were advertised where I was asked on the tag's label if I "wanna betta butt?" Growing up in the 90s, the body of a supermodel is what graced the pages of many magazines. The size 2 frame was like an assault to what would be my future security surrounding my body image when I became a woman. Now fastfoward to 2015 where Nicki Minaj's boom, badoom, boom, boom of here deriee is gracing every music channel along with Jennifer Lopez's "Booty" and let's not forgot the selfies of Kim Kardashian. It is now confimed, I do have body image issues along with possibly every other woman because even though I don't fit into a size two and I will never possibly twerk like Nicki Minaj (not that I wanted to anyway). And I'm left to wonder, is today's so-called celebration of curves just a reappropriation of size 2 model. Is this so called "celebration" really just another attempt to define what women's bodies we should live up to (or buy into) as its definition of what is attractive and beautiful that coincidentally coincides with commercial entities like what jeans to to buy. Shopping is no longer just about buying clothes, it's about buying a new body image. Do you "wanna betta butt?"
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@Jdblacks Have you read @ChristinaBryce's card on body image perception over 100 years ( www.vingle.net/posts/687010 )? It covers the topic of the ideal body figure for each decade. Which in a sense tells us that body image is arbitrary.
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you know reading this made me a Lil happy. maybe I'm not getting the whole pic of Tue story here but it got to my mind where IDC if I'm not a size 2. or have a body like all beautiful women do. I use to be a size 0&1 had my baby and now I felt like my body is no good with the weight gained. or extra body marks I have. yes of course I'm still small but really I got nothing going for my body or my booty. this just shows that I really shudnt give a damn about it. as long as I'm comfortable.
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I love these jeans they are so soft and comfortable tbh. I bought them just because they were comfy.
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@MarinaRivera Embracing what you have is always the best. We're unique that way.
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I'm pretty content with my butt, but I sort of like the idea of having a pair of jeans that keep their shape after you've worn it. Mine get loose so quickly!
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