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The best time to style bangs is usually when you step out of the shower. You have fresh hair to work with and can manipulate any style you want. However, some of us are really busy and choose to shower in the evening. Depending on how you sleep at night you might end up with flat and shapeless bangs. When that happens it is really hard to style your hair.
Here's what you need to do:

Keep Them Clean

If you skip a wash make it an exception to light shampoo your bangs before you wash your face in the morning. The truth is that they get greasy real fast. Another thing you can do is use dry shampoo before they get oily. A quick spritz before you head out the door will prevent midday flatness.

Watch Your Forehead

Since bangs sit on your forehead all day you need to be very mindful when you apply moisturizer. If you use a heavy moisturizer your bangs will look greasy throughout the day. So keep your bangs off of your face until your products have fully absorbed, which can take up to ten minutes. To be safe, blot your forehead with blotting paper before releasing your bangs.
@alise I think a few drug store brands make trial size cans too. I just like Oscar Blandi's because it doesn't smell like obvious baby powder.
@beywatch That's a smart idea to carry along a trial size dry shampoo!
I always wash my bangs, especially during the summer. Either that or I would recommend Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo in the trial size. I pop it in my bag with a small comb to save my bangs from the midday greasies.
@alise LOL I have a lot of friends that do too! I just like when I can find dry shampoo that has a different fragrance going on. Switches things up.
@beywatch It may sound weird but I love baby powder smell.
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