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Singapore's founding father, first and longest serving Prime Minister, and elite statesman Lee Kuan Yew passed away on Sunday (Monday in Singapore). In charge for 31 years, Lee Kuan Yew helped Singapore first merge with Malaysia sequentially breaking away from British rule in the early 60s before leading the call and breaking away from Malaysia in the mid 60s to form the independent state Sinapore is today.

Asia's Modern Pioneer

lee Kuan Yew (pictured above in 1955) led the way for economic reform and the establishment of the "Garden City" Singapore has become known as over the decades. Singapore's lack of natural resources were always a handicap to the small city-state, but Yew's determination and natural skill as a diplomat led Singapore to become one of the most advance societies in Asia. While he was often criticized for being to totalitarian, Yew did help transform Singapore to one of the most economically strong countries on the continent.

For Better

Despite the critics, Singapore has advanced father than anyone could have ever dreamed under Yew, and its citizens are miles better off than when under British or Malaysian government. Yew will be missed by Singaporeans all over the country, and by those who knew him internationally. He was once described by Nixon as having the world stature of others like Sir Winston Churchill, Yew was praised by the world for generations, from leaders like George H. W. Bush to Nixon to Clinton to Kissinger. He will be missed.
It will be interesting to see how Singapore is effected in the long run by this loss. Condolences.
What an incredible legacy to be leaving behind, especially considering the economic strength of Singapore.