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Who is it, guys? Leave your comment. I won't delete it. I'll post the picture without the bar later (: ~~~It's Bom! (: *So by now I figure most of you know about Suzy & Lee Min Ho. What are your thoughts?
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park bom from 2NE1 I don't follow lee min ho to much since heirs, but it was quite a shock when I read about him and suzy.
park bom <3 I do like her a lot <3
Bout Suzy And Lee Min ho y are ppl making it such a biggie I love them both and do wish them best of Luck it was a shock for me too but I really wanted him to date someone already he really deserved to be with someone caring and Loving I am gald he has found someone I love them both I am happy for them both.
2NE1 Park Bom!
@danidee @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @sammha @Ambie @kimikodragon @WiviDemol @ldense360 @sherrysahar @StephanieDuong It's Bom! Uploaded sans bar. &Yes, @MattK95 a big happy birthday to Bom! (: As for Lee Min Ho & Suzy.. I wish them well. I hope they're fans are understanding. I don't get why people flip out when they find out their idols are dating. Lol best of luck to both <3