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Young, single moms often face the judgement of others, even if they don't know the situation. But this video that reminds you to think before you judge a mother so harshly. Why judge at all when you don't know anything about her?
Even if this was her biological child, why judge at all? She is clearly working hard and making sacrifices to raise her child correctly, and that should be respected! I love this ad, because it reminds us that everyone has their own story that they're just trying to live, and we shouldn't make it any more difficult by harshly judging them.
So, next time you catch yourself judging someone a little too quickly, remember that you don't know why things are that way!
Now that I've had more and more friends finding themselves in this situation, I've found myself generally more compassionate and less judgmental. It's a shame that sometimes we need to have it affect us on a more intimate level before we can learn to open our perspectives.
@beywatch @ChristinaBryce Exactly!! You can't judge others ever really. You have to try to understand them rather than just trying to decide something about them.
Wow. So powerful of her to just grin and bear it, you know? You literally never know what anyone is going through, so you should always be respectful of that!