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We all know how cute puppies are, but we also all know just how much trouble they like to cause! Whether it's ripping apart the pillows, knocking things off the counter, or torturing the cats, they're always up to something!!!
And that's why I love them. My dog did ALL of these things when she was a puppy, and she STILL gets herself into trouble!!!

Remember to make sure your pup is getting enough attention around the house, and that they always get enough exercise, otherwise they might get bored and start shredding stuff!

It's not like we liked our loofas, anyways....


And you know they love to play with their food!

But, they always feel bad about making a mess! :)

Or, they try to blame their brothers!

Does your dog try to get away with making a mess? Do you let them (like I do!) just because they're so darn cute?!

@darcysdiary So true! Of course other dogs have a bad day or two but people don't realize how important exercise is for them!
Oh, they're so lucky they're cute.
EXERCISE! That is the best way to significantly reduce all this. Dogs need to be trained too.