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A good friend bought this for me a few months back as a Christmas gift. I was finally able to get my hands on her this past week. 750/800cc Honda Interceptor. It's a whole lot of bike to learn on.
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@AnimalLover75 @DownShiftSteve Always be sure to wear a full face helmet for safety! I hope is what @DownShiftSteve means? Regardless of the ignorant States without Helmet laws if you have laid down a bike, had a accident, known others who have had accidents on their motorcycles and either were lucky enough to survive and tell their stories they will tell you themselves if they even ever get on a motorcycle ever again they gear up fully for safety after learning a valuable lesson in safety. Others who I've known or other's have known perhaps weren't so lucky didn't survive without the appropriate gear. I learned the hard way myself. It may be 120 degrees out but I ride fully geared. Never a skull helmet or half helmet always a full face and always full boots, gloves, jacket, pants. Kevlar is great too and it comes in jeans and jackets and is lighter weight and cooler now. No matter how safe "We" riders may be it's the other fools that take us out generally and that is who we're trying to protect our lives from right? The nuts on the road that can't drive, can't see us, worse don't care and don't want us on the road. Be safe and careful and enjoy the ride and freedom!
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@redridegirl thanks (:
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@downshiftsteve I know man I'm working on getting a full face. Can't stand these helmets.
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I need a friend like yours! lol. Congrats!! Be safe!
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Sweet bike mate. I hope I can be friend with your friend too xD
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