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As if the Avengers "Friends-style" intro wasn't enough, this guy also made a Harry Potter one! I think I actually love this one even more than the friends one. I mean, what made the HP series for me was the intense friendships that drove all the success of the characters, so it's just so fitting!! I wonder which one he'll make next....I'm hoping for a LOTR version!
Hmmm, but who's who?
Harry = Ross

Monica = Hermione (because, you know, they're both perfectionist and smart and all)
Ron = Chandler (they're both funny, and they ended up wtih Hermione/Monica)
Ginny = Rachel (they're both popular among guys?? lol!)
But I also think Ginny & Ron as Ross & Rachel would make sense because of the whole siblings thing; but I'm not sure. Who do you think is who?