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Transitioning from home cooking to dorm living can be tough, especially when trying to beat the dreaded "Freshman 15". With a cafeteria full of greasy options down the hall and fast food delivery 24/7, it is easy to get off track. It is times like this that call for creativity with your eating, like these tips and tricks that are sure to keep the pounds off.
1. Your microwave makes more than just frozen pizza. Utilize your microwave. Crack an egg in a mug, cover and cook for 60-90 seconds. Get creative and toss pieces of lunch meat or some vegetables in.
2. No more of that movie-theater butter soaked popcorn. Popcorn is the perfect snack, but all you find in stores these days is a buttery mess of microwave popcorn. Instead of buying instant microwave popcorn next time you are at the store, buy a package of brown paper bags and a container of popcorn kernels. Fill the bag with half a scoop of kernels, fold the bag opening over twice, and microwave for a few minutes until the popping stops. WAH-LA, instant, healthy, and cheap popcorn. The perfect homework snack.
3. Personalized trail mix. Grocery stores have isles of various trail mixes- ranging from healthy to not-so-healthy. Most of the time, I just can't seem to find the perfect combination of sweet and salty to satisfy my cravings. To fix that problem I have started making my own. Buy a tupperware container to hold your concoction, and venture down the aisles to find the perfect ingredients for your mix. Some ingredient ideas:
-Nut: pistachios, almonds, peanuts, walnuts
-Dried fruit: raisins, cherries, blueberries
-Crunchy: pretzels, cheerios, granola
-Sweet: Teddy Grahams, dark chocolate chips, yogurt raisins, reeses peices
4. Utilize care package subscriptions. The trend of care package services is growing, especially healthy care packages. It is the perfect gift to put on your wish list. Companies such as UrthBox, carepackages.com and Redship all offer healthy packages that will be delivered to your door every month!
Yes, instant popcorn has all sorts of unnecessary chemicals!
Wow! This is a great card. I eat air-popped popcorn all the time. I actually heard something about the chemicals used in microwaved popcorn being seriously toxic for your body.
That's so gross! Especially since I love popcorn! I don't want gross things in it.