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On my bedroom door there hangs a Chip Clip glued to the wood. This is not the intended purpose of a Chip Clip, but you may be surprised by the admirable job it does.
From the Chip Clip hangs pieces of loose leaf paper; on each piece of paper there is a quote or refrain of some sort written, often from songs, but not always. The quote changes with some regularity, maybe once per week, and represents my thoughts for the moment. Sometimes there is deeper meaning, but often they are simply taken from a song I heard that day and whose lyric I enjoyed. Here are some of the quotes. In many ways, they represent me and the daily workings of my mind. The quotes are never attributed to anyone on the pieces of loose leaf, so I will keep them that way here.
"What a beautiful face / I have found in this place / That is circling all 'round the sun..."
"What would we be without wishful thinking?"
"Stop Sleeping"
"A thing is a thing, NOT what is said about that thing."
"With all this fever in my mind, I could drown in your kerosene eyes"
"Salute your shorts"