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Anyone got a good brand for sliding pucks? I don't really care how smooth they are I just want them to last for a long time.
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ojoom, definitely worth the investment
3 years ago·Reply
From what I have heard ojoom is amazing. Holsom is good.
3 years ago·Reply
Ojoom are like the cats pajamas. But really, holsom is the funnest so why not
3 years ago·Reply
My triple 8 pucks pretty much last me a full year round season. Witch I can't complain about with how heavily I use them.
3 years ago·Reply
I have a pair of sector9's the puck is amazing but the glove its self needed tweeking, (I added leather finger patches), and the Velcro that held the puck to the glove had to be reglued with gorilla glue, now there my fav set. Iv tried other gloves at shops and I never like any but maybe I'm just being biased.
3 years ago·Reply