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I'm not the least bit ashamed that I'm making this card. Seriously. With all the dystopian literature and movies-based-on-books that are coming out these days, it's about time we do a casting call of the hottest guys and gals from these series! Because they're all somehow so ridiculously attractive and mysteriously moody that we can't help but sa-woooon!
So here it goes: the hottest of the dystopian characters from recent hits!

Gale & Peeta & Finnick from The Hunger Games Series

I don't want to choose between these guys, so I'll just give you all three. While they all have different personalities and characteristics that will make you love or hate them depending on what your type is, you can't deny that they're all A) crazy passionate and B) crazy attractive! And there's something super enticing about that.

Katniss & Prim from the Hunger Games Series

There are a lot of beautiful female characters from The Hunger Games series to choose from, but it's these two that stick out for me as the most awesome! They make me want to be more brave, more confident, and more ready to fight for what I love, just like they do! Passion and beauty put together goes a long way, and that's what this series really has going for it.

Tris Prior from The Divergent Series

This might be super lame of me, but Tris reminds me of a character from a Jane Austen novel, and that's why I love her so much. Obviously, the situations are so different, but she makes mistakes and learns so much throughout the series, that you can't help but admire the changes she goes through. There is so much transformation, and she handles it kind of just like a real person, which makes her super accessible, and beautiful!

Four from The Divergent Series

Do I really need to explain this? He's sort of deep, got an interesting story, super mysterious, super loves Tris, and has all sorts of great things going for him. And he's hot. So that helps, too?

Thomas from The Maze Runner

Thomas is willing to push past boundaries that others aren't so sure about, and without hesitation. Even if he doesn't initially understand his role in everything that's happening, he is a really awesome character that it's easy to love, well, most of the time!

Jonas from The Giver

I think the common factor in what I find attractive in all these characters is their willingness to push past the usual boundaries of the society they're in. I mean, I know that's a common characteristic of any character in a dystopian world, but I particularly like they way Jonas' journey goes. He's not reluctant to push against the flow, but he does have the obvious problems that one would face. Hellllloo Jonas!

Did I miss your fave? Share in the comments! :)

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MinHo from The Maze Runner !!!
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