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After banning the use of puns and of singing the national anthem in non official events, The Chinese government now imposes a new restriction on its citizens, that may seem to people in the free world as arbitrary and somewhat strange - the regulation of street dances. As explained in the linked article, which represents the official line of the Chinese government, street dancing will be regulated because of complaints about noise and interferences to public order. What I find most amazing about the article, is how the move is represented as a good thing, an attempt to enhance the Chinese street dancing culture, while in fact, it is clearly yet another attempt to restrict freedom of expression and freedom of thought. If it makes you think of Orwell, it is no surprise
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Wow. Not a good move at all--expression is already so limited in these areas, and now this kind of expression, too? What's next--no smiling during a certain time of day? It might sound ridiculous, but it's not far off.