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I appreciate spoken word most for its honesty and fearlessness. Often delving into topics that aren't openly discussed, spoken word pieces thoughtfully tell stories that aren't told enough. When these stories are combined with music resonation of the words travel even further and for even longer periods. Here's a piece from artist Sage Francis as he recounts the complexity of his past and considers the unknown of his future.
That was awesome! I was rocking out to the rhythm haha
This is awesome! Me and my friends love Sage Francis, but I've never actually checked out any of his spoken word work. This is awesome.
@danidee thanks!
I'll have to hunt some down for you. I have a friend named Brian who is particularly obsessed with Sage, and I feel like he probably has some similar artists going on in his iPod. I'll make a card and tag you in it if/when I find any more. ;)
Glad you like! A friend introduced me to him years ago and this is still my favorite of his. I want to work on finding similar artists. Do you know any?