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If you're eating I suggest you don't read it now and clip it for later. I don't want to ruin your appetite. I have a friend that was struggling with acid reflux and digestive problems, so I did some research and some how I ended up on this topic: food that cause bloating and flatulence. Below is compilation of what you should look out for.

1. Fizzy Drinks

Bubbly drinks are super acid and it's no-no for your tummy if you intestinal problems. That includes beer, sparkling water, and soft drinks.

Milk and Diary Products

This is no surprise for people that are lactose intolerant. If your body does not have enough of the enzyme lactase it cause excessive gas in your intestinal system.
I was surprised by the vegetable list (with the exception of beans). Apparently, these vegetables could give you a gassy stomach:
1. Beans - Not surprising, because of the indigestible carbohydrate, oligosaccharides. You could soak dried beans overnight to make them less gassy.
2. Peas - Eating a small amount won't cause you to bloat but if eaten excessively it can cause gas problems the following day. This is due to the oligosaccharides and high level of soluble fiber.
3. Broccoli - An extremely healthy vegetable but it is also rich in sulfur. Try to eat slowly and chew broccoli throughly to help digesting it better.
4. Cabbage - Another high sulfur food. It can give you the rotten egg flatulence if you eat a large amount. However ferment cabbage can actually aide with digestion (due to the beneficial bacteria).
5. Cauliflower - Again, a small amount is okay but overeating cauliflower might give you an upset stomach the next day.
6. Brussels Sprout - Contain raffinose and high sulfur content but generally eating it with other low gas food wouldn't cause gas. However, if you are eating a big meal during holidays the content is harder to digest. It ends up in the lower intestine for bacterial fermentation.
7. Onions - This smelly yet delicious veggie contain high levels of fructans (e.g. inulin and fructooligosaccharides). Fructans can cause excessive gas for people with weak digestive system. However, ginger tea can help relieve it.
8. Asparagus - This is a health vegetable but it does contain both fructans and raffinose, so it can potentially give you gas problems or unusual digestive issues if eaten in excess.
9. Mushrooms - Not a common gassy food but contain same properties as above. So, consume it in small amount!
10. Artichokes - People don't usually eat this veggie unless it's their absolute favorite. If you eat this occasionally they are likely to cause gas because of the high fructans level.


Not only do you swallow more air that can get trapped in your belly when chewing gum, sugarless sweets and gum can also contain sugar alcohol that can cause stomach cramps and bloating.

Starchy Food

Wheat such as breads, cereals, and pastas are very high in carbohydrates and it can cause gas when your digestive tract is trying to break them down. In addition, corn and potatoes also lead to intestinal gas. However, rice is an exception.
Does any of these give you a bloated or gassy stomach?
well that's almost about everything
@JackieMurrayCab That's my conclusion. Even though my stomach can't handle beans too well I can't resist but eat it.
all the above...but you gotta eat something right...guess i just have to get gassy
@MarinaRivera I guess fruit doesn't make you fart as much according to this list. I guess I'm just eating strawberries from here on out.
@danidee for real. I mean come on if its not healthy or whatever I guess I can live with gas and bloated tummy. won't hurt none lol
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