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I was listening to the complete list of songs by Phoebe Buffay when I started to think about the most ridiculous songs that could be used to respond to someone. These days everyone is using gifs or pictures instead of actually using words to respond to someone. So, I thought, why not create a list of 10 ways to respond to someone using a Phoebe Buffet song. The results were pretty awesome! Here we go:

1) "Calm Down": Confused Favorite Things by Phoebe Buffet

2) "You're breaking my heart": Your Love by Phoebe Buffet

3) "I am vegetarian because": The Cow in The Meadow

4) "I hate that b*tch": Jingle B*tch

5) "You smell": Smelly Cat

There are a lot more awesome songs to go through, but if this card does well (LIKE, clips, etc), I will make the next ones!
Oh, and if you are a huge friends fan like me, raise your hand in the comments!
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I feel like everyone that knows me should be glad I never learned the acoustic guitar because I feel like I would have become the next Phoebe Buffet.
o/ mmmmeeeeee!!I love silly people