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While educational movements in the US are usually led by Massachusetts, Oregon or California, Arkansas is taking the lead by becoming the first state that will require coding to be taught in public schools.
Currently, only 1 in 10 public schools around the nation offer computer science or coding classes. While studies will not be required to take the classes, schools will be required to offer them. The schools that cannot find enough teachers will be given the ability to access coding lessons via an online program until teachers can be found.
I wonder how this implementation will go, as I can't imagine there being many coders who have thought that their goal is to become a teacher. Still, I'm sure there are many people who realize the importance of computer science education as we move forward, and that some programs will be implemented to make up for this lack of teachers. It's been said that there are only 9-10 qualified teachers already working in the state that have fit the qualifications necessary to teach these classes.
The program will begin from fall of this year, so let's see how it goes! Lead the way, Arkansas!
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@danidee Computers are quickly becoming the norm, even in the classroom! I heard of some school that give macs to every student. Impressive. @DaniaChicago Exactly!
Maybe I will take a class in coding myself. After the wedding is done! lol
Awesome!! Seriously knowing basic coding makes so many projects easier nowadays.
I bet they're starting to offer Photoshop and Video Editing classes even earlier now, too.
I almost hesitate learning more about Photoshop because so many programs and apps can fix images with little effort and almost no payout. In depth editing would require some better knowledge and photoshop. But not sure it's worth the time investment if it's for generic editing/fixing.