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Starbucks' Race Together campaign officially ended yesterday not with a bang but a whimper. Though it only lasted seven days, seven was more than long enough for both the campaign and company to receive widespread backlash by way of misunderstanding and aversion. In this clip John Oliver takes a few minutes to explore Starbucks' inability to keep alive the conversation it wasn't wholly prepared to begin.
It's true. While racism as a problem is something the vast majority of people would probably get behind, but he's just throwing a lot of assumption in there when he tries to get young college guys that are working a coffee job to pay off their new truck to be as passionate as he is about getting a discussion started on the country's problems with race.
@danidee Definitely. I think if they were to sponsor a conference (e.g. White Privilege Conference, National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education) and have employees participate in them it'd speak volumes over writing a saying on coffee cups.
@yakwithalan I feel like most of their customers would not only be blindsided by such a topic, but not welcome it out of fear and uncertainty. Do you think if they were expecting it they might be more open?
Personally, as someone who doesn't really like to talk about more than the weather with someone I don't know well, I think this was trying too hard to force conversation that people aren't expecting.
John Oliver is seriously hilarious and spot-on all of the time. I used to work for Starbucks, and I feel like this is yet another time Howard had an idea to push some sort of idea or initiative onto the baristas and customers. These discussions are seriously important, of course. And spreading the word on certain issues are indeed important. But, of course, there's a time and place. And I feel like if Howard truly feels passionate about these issues, he could use his power as a prominent businessman to push his opinions further without going directly through his company. I mean, certainly there's programs he could help fund, right?
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