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Now this is cute. I've never really envied hiking couples before (I prefer to hike solo if I'm going on a hike longer than a week; I can keep my own pace and don't have to worry about unnecessary social tension), but this couple totally changed that for me!
Not only are they: A) Super cute while they hike, messing around and clearly getting along but they also
B) Seem to be in good spirits the whole time!
On top of that,"ManCub" had to go and get all adorable and propose to "KitFox" at the end!!! These two are BURSTING with life, and I'm so happy to see they'll get to do more fun things like this as a married couple.
Congrats on your hike, and your marriage! (Though I guess you're probably married by now since this was from 2012....but who cares!)
@TrevorGoldley lol but its cute!!!
(nothing against girls....I just want to only go with my dog)
Sorry the only girl I"m taking on the trail is my dog lol
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! New life dream :)
It takes a lot of patience to be on the trail with someone for that long. Good for them.
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