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One of the most important things to be able to do if you're going to be spending time outdoors is ID which berries are (and are not!) edible! That's the goal of this collection--to teach you about what is and isn't edible!
Let's start with this one...Muscadine!

WHAT: Muscadine

Muscadine are a large, thick-skinned variety of wild grapes. They grow in clusters, but are usually handpicked and are very common for use of American made wines on the east coast. They're known as "America's first grape" to some. This grape is really healthy, too: it contains six times the resveratrol of other red grapes and up to 40 percent more antioxidants than any other American or European grape varieties!


You'll find these wild grapes growing on tree-hanging vines in the south.


You squeeze the flesh out of the tough skin and only eat that. Like the best grape you've ever eaten, just full of large seeds. Basically, just look for grape leaves hanging from a tree; the fruit is purple when ripe! They can, however, also be many different colors when ripe depending on the variety: brown, light purple, red, or even green!
@marshalledgar I'm not sure where else, but I spent some time in Georgia when I was young and saw a variety very much like these, if it wasn't these.
@KyleeWilson Yum! That sounds great.
I live in Louisiana and we have them in our backyard, there's almost always deer back there eating them, and my uncle makes muscadine wine.
Wait, is it bad to eat the skin?? I always have!
That's cool. my memories of Georgia are my parents warning each other to SLOW down on the inumerable trips we drove up and down I-95 to New York
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