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A solemn reminder to all hikers today: if there are notices posted telling you not to go past a certain area because of dangerous conditions, don't go there. Sure, chances are you'll be fine (especially if it's an area you've been to many times), but that doesn't mean your safety is guaranteed.
Two hikers in California went out onto a sandstone bluff that had clear warning signs posted on it due to a fissure forming on the cliff on Saturday, and the cliff gave way. They fell to the beach below. One hiker died in the tragedy; the other was seriously injured but is expected to make a full recovery.
You never know the exact conditions of the land you're hiking, so don't take unnecessary risks. Enjoy nature, but never forget that it has the power to change very quickly, which could lead to a dangerous situation for you.
Stay safe, everyone.
@fallingwater @TrevorGoldley @happyrock Remember to try you're best to stay safe everyone.
Hope we don't hear anything like this again soon.
Condolences to their family :( everyone, be safe!!! Follow posted notices!!!