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I've got a question for all of you. What are your thoughts on drinking grey water? This is something my friends and I have disagreed on before, and I just saw another post about this recently that made me wonder how you guys think about it (especially you @treedweller).
What I mean by grey water is water used to rinse dishes (no soap involved) or used to cook things like pasta. I usually just do a little rub with my hands and drink up. Otherwise, I'd have to go dig somewhere to dispose of it properly.
How do you guys handle this?
Seems like we're nearly tied!
I've done...both? It depends on what the grey water is from and what I'm feeling like that day. I know that many, many people I trek with drink theirs!
I've always buried mind. Can't stomach the taste, and the water just...yuck.
Drink up! I do!