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One thing I've found about wearing wigs that I really, really hate is that no matter how careful I am while wearing it, it always ends up being a total mess by the end of the day!
Basically, all you need is a place to do the washing, and a few key items: Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Mane 'n tail detangling spray, and Motions oil sheen spray!! From there, it's all about patience while trying to make sure the wig looks clean when you're finished.
I'm just gonna put it out there but since wigs are similarly made of clothing fibers you can use laundry detergent/water mix in a spray bottle to help keep straight wigs from tangling!! Good luck!!
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This is actually lifesaving.
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@timeturnerjones I nkow right!! I was surprised that it's not actually that hard, you know?
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Thank you!!!
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@vulpix Np :)
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