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It's just not that easy to let our crushes go :( I know that after I find myself sort of obsessing over someone who I'm crushing on, and even when I know it's not going to work out, I keep pushing it. I keep hoping that some how, someway things will move forward and everything will *happy ending voice* magically work out! But that just doesn't happen to me. So it's time to move on!

What do you do when you need to get over a crush?

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I just try really, really hard to find SOMEBODY else interesting enough to distract me! Even if that isn't going to be long lasting either, it breaks me of the obsessive habit with the current crush lol
I usually just decide I "hate them" and that works until they say something nice and I crumble all over again!! Lol
LMAO THIS VIDEO. I like how they wrote an entire song for this. God, I have had this crush since I was 15 freaking years old, and I hate that I can't get over it. I've liked this guy for HALF MY FREAKING LIFE. HE'S NOT EVEN THAT CUTE. AHHHHH.
@beywatch It happens!!! I totally get that though. I've been through the same thing more than once!
probably find another crush haha or find any flaw so you'll like them less haha