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*deep breaths* You can do it! You've worked so hard to get over whats-their-face, and now you have a new crush that you think might like you back, so you're going to get up the courage to ask them out. Right? RIGHT? RIGHTTT!?
*deep breaths* We can do this!

How to Do It:

1. Set a deadline for WHEN you will ask them out by!
2. Have a plan for what you're going to say and ask!
3. You've gotta go ask now!!
4. Handle their answer matter what that answer is.
Here's my situation. I recently got over a long-term crush, but now I'm crushing on this guy from work. We talk all the time and he genuinely seems interested in my life. I'll ask him questions and he'll ask me questions. It's not a one way street. But I often have a really hard time flirting and showing him that I like him. I can talk to him super easy as a just friends thing, but when I think about asking him out, I get freaked out. I don't know how to ask him out. It's especially hard in the workplace. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!! <3
@ChristinaBryce You can be rest assured my crush on him disappeared almost INSTANTLY after he reacted that way!
@Spudsy2061 Yeah, still pretty much the same. Decide to do it. Decide when. Do it!!! lol
My solution is always to just.....not ask them out lol!!
Pretty cool video not going to lie. Might be a little different post-school but the concept is still the same.
@Beywatch what?! How rude lol!! I hope he followed up with something much smoother than that. @onesmile I love that this took a "step by step" approach. Sometimes, we just need someone to break it down for us!
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