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A Hug - how can you ever explain this beautiful amazing feeling ? To be held on in someone's arms always seems to be like in heaven !! Do you guys agree that it kinda helps when hugged by someone when you are low or feel euphoric when hugged in super happy mood..? A hug suffices every time.. While loving, while caring, after fighting, saying goodbye. A small gesture but creates a strong memory - perfect moment ! ;) I will like to share one memory here.. It was with a friend of mine.. We became good friends at work place and one fine day he had to leave to explore other avenues.. On his last day while walking up to his car, we talked, laughed, wished each other good luck, promised to be in touch and then we hugged :) AND suddenly it turned to be one of the best memories of my life.. That warm goodbye hug made me cry, made me happy, made me realise how much am going to miss him.. Of course I didn't show this to him but still that moment got added in my perfect moments list.. I hope everyone out there have had those beautiful hugs.. If not, then here they are... Warm hugs from me to all of you for free <3 :-D
I totally agree! With the right hug, we can feel so comforted or safe that knowing we wont' get that again is kinda sad
Perfect! I love this!