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Someone went to all this effort to Photoshop out bikes from pictures of people riding bikes. The result is absolutely hilarious, I hope you enjoy!

Which one is your favorite?

Personally I like #2. I have no idea how he is riding a bike like that, but that makes it all the more hilarious.
HAHAHA, omg I got a great kick out of this.
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I like #3 because it looks like an ad for bikes but nothing's there! XD @troygreene84 I see a lot of those bikes out here in Amish country. It's usually pedaled with one foot instead of two and acts more like a self-propelled scooter. They're still built like bikes though with a seat any everything so you can better take on and carry the downhill speed and what not. Pretty cool.
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#5 for me
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LOL These are awesome. I love the tandem shot!
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