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A few skiers get caught in an avalanche while skiing in the Swiss Alps. The accident happened within the resort boundary on a slope not known for slides. If you are going to be backcountry skiing or skiing in an unfamiliar zone then you must be prepared for the worst, unlike these guys.
One skier was trapped in an the avalanche under 6 feet of snow. The others scrambled to find him. Luckily the trapped skier was able to push his ski pole to the surface of the snow. If he had not done that then he probably would not have survived.
The trapped skier had a shovel, a probe, and a beacon. The other skiers in the party also had shovels and probes, but no beacon. 1 beacon is as good as no beacons as there is no one looking for the signal.
If you are going to be skiing in fresh powder, especially when it's off the beaten path, make sure you are prepared for the worst.
Well now I'm terrified to go back country skiing, not that I ever have before lol
That was really scary. That dude is super lucky