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News broke yesterday that Chelsea’s star striker Diego Simone, who is tied atop the Premier League goal scoring charts with Spurs’ Harry Kane at 19 goals, will miss their Euro 2016 qualifiers this week with a hamstring injury. Costa was due to play against the Ukraine and Netherlands with the qualifiers that begin on Friday, but it has been reported that he will now return to Chelsea to receive treatment.

The injury was picked up in their 3-2 win at Hull this past weekend, seeing Loic Remy come on with 15 minutes to play and go on to score the game winner. He is expected to play in Chelsea’s next Premier League match in 2 weekend’s time however.

@CitySarajevo Haven't checked I was out of town for 3 days. I will know later this week.
@Spudsy2061 Any new news? Is he to play next weekend?
@GermanBumbleBee I didn't hear anything on the length of the injury to be honest.
@CitySarajevo The qualifier is just one game but I haven't heard how bad the injury is.
It's just 1 game yes?