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Squad! new camera

so my only friends are girls... but they all logboard and i have a camera so we work it out 😂 plus theyre cute (probably because they longboard
actually you were spot on lol they are calibers and i do slide and that just so happens to be my board the arbor axis hahaha @thtyoungelwoodj
I have the exact same board as the one on the far left
Does each board corrolate to the girl who rides it? Like should we be able to get an idea of what each board's owner looks like? I'm guessing the Arbor or whatever the curvy one is 3rd from left with the best sliding trucks ("In my opinion" + Are those Cals?) is yours because its sounds like you've been riding the most, and would be doing the most advanced stuff when your squad skates, like sliding, that that board is set up for. It sounds like(and I'm guessing) you recruited all your lady friends(congratulations, I hold you in high regards for successfully pulling that off/many have tried, none succeeded, before you) So they are doing more basic stuff, like cruising, or riding pintail/pump decks, like the other 3 longboards in the picture. How accurate was I?
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