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You know I'm a hamburger maniac. If I can have my entire world filled with burger...that'll be great (just kidding that'll be too much grease for my arteries to handle). However, I don't mind adding a burger or two to spice up my room/wardrobe. Let the feast begin with these fast food wearables. Oh, and please excuse my photo descriptions. I was having too much fun with photoshop.
Totally, my favorite. More hamburger fashion can be found here.
If you have burger you can't forget about the fries!
Leggings from MrGuGu. Apron and mitten from Amara.
Can you imagine falling asleep on a pizza?
Bean bag from Wow Works
I need that slice of piece bean bag. It'll complete my office studio!
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Oh gosh. I can't imagine wearing the fries legging out in public.
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hahaha I actually like the leggings the best of them all @chelseaHeyes
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