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(Catching my breath for 20 and walking out of my world into reality) Well I can say I won......This war is over, its older than new generation of today......The casualties of my troops were high....a lot of bloodshed, tears, shame, disappointment, conflictions, resentment, disrespect, lack of intellect on subjects that I never learned grow up......I shrugged my shoulders at the things that could've helped me, but I thought I was better than everybody so I push it away.......Held up by the praises from what I was doing provided a consequence in the end for what I've become......I raised my standards to the point where I thought I was perfect.....That never did last long for the army of depression and guilt took my mind by storm like the plague.....For years I've dealt with something that my father would've thought that I was a punk......He would have thought that I wasn't being manly at a young age and was being a little boy......I felt like I had a lot to prove to him, but that always backfired because I wasn't proving to myself that I could do it, instead I was fighting for something I didn't really get much from my father....Respect.......I blamed myself for the many things that I've experienced in life.....I thought being spiteful was right and being nice was wrong, these logics didn't add up to what I wanted to be......I had something to fight back at home, which was myself......I ran away to escape my issues but I've learned my issues forever follow me......I was so lost that I'm years behind on my skills.....Fortunately, I met a man that married my mother and taught me the ways of life......For he went through similar struggles just like me......He was my motivator to become what I could not see.....Beforehand, I wanted to be twisted and distorted because I grew up with negativity surrounding me......Feeling like I'm trapped wherever I go, the negativity followed me until I took a stand.....I gather troops all around from the mental aspects of my mind and we were going to win this.....No more running away, this plague needs to fought off.....I changed consistently as my army was advancing and purifying the lands of the hidden abilities....It took some years but we finally won the war, the gunfire, cannon shells, bombs, alarms and cost of firearms were worth it.....So now that my war is over, I can build a community that I never had the chance to.....I look forward to doing this.....Hopefully the people in my land will remember me and spread love to each other just like I want to spread love to them
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Congratulations, and good luck!