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Square Enix's game director Hajime Tabata is at it, teasing us again! I never know when I should get excited that a new game is actually in the works or not. Tabata is working on Final Fantasy XV, we know that, but he's also teasing us with potential Final Fantasy Type-Next images!
Since Type-0 ended with a pretty epic epilogue (I'll put it at the bottom but don't watch it if you don't want spoilers, alright?) many have speculated that Type-Next may happen. These images were released at an event, but no other confirmation or info was given, so it's still hard to say. Either way, these images have me super excited for more FF action!!
Who knows when we'll get it, though, since Type-Next is on hold while Tabata works on FFXV!
Don't watch this if you don't want Type-0 Spoilers; it's the final boss battle + scenes!
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