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First and last days
I came upon a photograph
from a time long ago.
When I saw it I just had to laugh,
cause from our very first hello,
there, she was, laying
on a sweater of mine.
It looked like she was praying,
and I took it as a sign.
I went and found that old sweater
all beat up, worn with moth holes.
Back then, it used to fit much better.
I know that time can take its tolls.
I wore it as the week went on.
I made sure it had my smells.
Like the duck turned into a swan
a magic in this story dwells.
I placed it close to let her sense,
and she danced the dance of youth.
A remembrance of a past tense,
now caught in that eternal truth.
She grabbed and drew it near,
positioned her body with care.
I watched and felt wellup a tear,
conscious and also aware.
To have found
the secret and the keys
to life, love,
and all of these mysteries.
First and last days,
breeze through our lives.
Adds meaning in ways,
only a memory revives .
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Thank you so much fallingwater - she is still hanging on, but I suspect not for long. I just wrote another poem and painting about her sisters (another cat and dog in our household). Thank you again.
Sorry for your loss :( sounds like she was a real great family member