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Do you love the daylight? Me too! I mean, I love night, too, but there's something wonderful about a photo that captures light in a way I hadn't thought of before. VELUX, a Danish company that makes windows and skylights, obviously loves daylight, too, so they run a photography competition called "Lovers of Light" that invites all photographers to submit their photos that captures natural light in a new, interesting way.
The photo above, called Early Light by amateur photographer Graham Colling from the West Midlands was the winner this year! I particularly love the way the light hangs to each little piece of green forest, and doesn't just fall where the beams hit. The warmth of the rays can be felt even where it isn't present, and that really says something about how natural light can bring a scene to life!
These 10 photos were those that didn't quite win, but are beautiful anyways! Slide through the shortlisted entries now! I think this is a contest I'd totally love to enter....seems like I should start making sure to snap those moments of daylight now so I can think about it if they have it again next year!
@nannysally I was so impressed! These are the kinds of things that make me never want to enter any photo competitions, but then again, there are so many amateurs who's photos are still beautiful, so maybe there's hope!
The photos are breathtaking!