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The big names of social media -- Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and more -- all seem to be going through a period of big announcements and changes as really get into 2015. What can we look forward to? Read on below.

Reddit Allows Embedded Comments

Whether or not this is something we all want, it's happening: Reddit has finally allowed for embedding of their comments on other sites that allow for html embedding.
There's really not much else to say, except to make sure that if you use this you click on the "edit ignore" option so that people can't go editing their comments and trolling you. Enjoy!

Facebook to Release Messenger as a Stand Alone App

Facebook has announced plans to change Messenger into a more standalone app from the main app, and it's likely they'll continue this projectory. What does this mean? Like other chatting apps, particularly in Asia, Facebook will focus on how third parties can build ways for content and information to flow through Messenger. It will be interesting to see how this develops!

Twitter Tests Auto-Play Videos

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is doing some tests to find out if auto-play videos will be tolerated by users. Straight from their report:
“This autoplay video test will apply to Promoted Video ads, videos that users upload through Twitter’s mobile app and clips that are part of its Amplify program, which lets companies like ESPN and the NFL post videos with pre-roll ads, according to a person familiar with the matter. Videos that originate in Vine, Twitter’s company’s six-second-video app, will not play automatically on Twitter as part of this test.”
@missophiestik Probably not, its all ultimately done to make more via advertising probably so they don't mind the extra resource drain.
@beywatch Apparently not annoying enough to make FB stop using them.
Ahhhh autoplay videos are already so annoying on Facebook.
Would the changes cost them money?
So you're telling me I'm going to have to see Reddit comments everywhere now? Yikes.