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Ponytail: The Grown Up Way
Need some inspiration to move away from the boring and outdated ponytail? Upgrade your hairstyle with these modern and edgy trick.

Twisted Ponytail

The beauty of this pony is the messy look. Twist the hair from both sides and gather it into knot it into one messy pony. Secure with bobby pins. Tip: If you want extra hold use an elastic to secure it and hide the elastic by wrapping a few strand and pinning it in place.

Topsy Tail

Gather hair into a mid ponytail and pull a section of hair and wrap around the elastic. Secure with bobby pins. Tie a small elastic about 3 inches down from the base pony. Create an opening with that section and flip your tail in the hole. Repeat as desire.

Faux Braid Pony

Gather your hair in a low pony. Secure it with an elastic and do about two 2-strand twist and secure it with another elastic.

French Twist Pony

Do you your french twist as usual but once you hit the nape secure it an elastic and bobby pins.

Textured Pony

Messy yet structure. Work this piecey look with a spritz of sea salt spray and finish it with the top bump just right.

Tubed Tail

Don't want to bother with an elastic? Secure it with a golden hair tube.
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That French twist pony looks perfect. I love the idea of updos, but I hate wearing my hair up. I think that's a good compromise!
The twisted ponytail looks rather natural than messy. Love it and surely will try. Thanks!