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Snow, the tears of my life Flowers of blue Pheonix Eternity's crystal I wonder summer sunset is snow' melted heart It sleeps in the horizon half of the year And it will come back to me again When every autumn leaf falls down, Colors of the mountains are erased Like Van Gogh's hand did to his canvas Young bears go to sleep sweetly too Will they be able to catch some fish next spring? When snow stops falling from Heaven or... in my heart
@BlakePio Great answer. Thanks for the insight!
@greggr Thanks for ur comment. first, it represents GOD, but i choose to avoid the word GOD. Second, blue pheonix is mixed up of burning and cooling and remains white color snow. Third, sometimes snow seems like flowerly leaves. hope my answer was brief and good enough to ur wuestion.
Can I ask a little more about this? What is "blue Phoenix" meant to be?