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Being at college has been amazing! But there's one thing that keeps tugging at my heart... I don't have my dog with me. My best friend, my pal, my love, my dog that is getting really old but I still refer to her as "my puppy". I just want my dog. Walking through campus is a unique experience because there are an abundance of squirrels but it lacks any other animal. Actually there is a groundhog...I named him Roger. But it's not the same without my dog, Clover. We've had her since I was in elementary school. I definitely took claim of her. Her middle name changed from Socks to Lebron to socks again. Clover Lebron Socks. What a name. I usually nickname her as "Cloves" or my personal favorite, "Cloverto". She's a sweetheart. It's funny because her original owners named her Emily as a newborn but that name seems so generic for a dog who is this awesome. She is a labradoodle but definitely received that perfect mix so that she almost looks similar to a golden retriever. The personality and look of a lab with the ever so slightly curled hair from her poodle side of the family. I miss her licking my face and constantly dropping a tennis ball at my feet. I miss her running in our backyard constantly barking at everything to mark her territory. I love how she always rolls over when you go to pet her and how she almost always pees as soon as you walk into the room. She's nuts but I love her anyway. I mean, just look at her, how could you not love that face???
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My parents send me pictures of my dog every once in a while and I'm torn between thanking them for the adorable photo and screaming in jealousy over the fact that they get to cuddle with my angel without me!