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Broken Lizard Entertainment, the independent filmmakers behind the cult comedy "Super Troopers", has launched a crowd-funding campaign to help produce a sequel this week, asking for $2 million in contributions to get "Super Troopers 2" off the ground.

Broken Lizard says Fox Searchlight has agreed to distribute the sequel in North America if the funding is there. The call for contributions was posted on on Tuesday and has raised more than $1.8 million by the time I am writing this card (Wednesday afternoon). The campaign runs for a month, and if the goal is met, shooting will start this summer.

"Super Troopers 2" is by no means the first film using fan-procured funds to produce a film. The "Veronica Mars" film, for example, was able to be released through Warner Bros. last year after an earlier crowd-funding campaign.
Who is excited for the very real possibility of a "Super Troopers 2"? Leave me some comments right meow!
@yakwithalan They're already almost half a million over their goal. I think they'll do fine lol.
Good. Very good. Not gonna donate but good.