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While the rest of us were tucked in our beds late last night, it seems that many Los Angelenos were jogging through the streets of Hollywood while rapper Kendrick Lamar played a surprise set out of the back of a moving truck.
Last night, the rapper tweeted: "9pm. meet me here. 8950 Sunset Blvd. 930pm. meet me here. 8466 Melrose Ave." And it seems that TONS of people were able to find him!
The concert was sponsored by Reebox's #getpumped campaign and had fans jogging a full 5K to be able to catch the show in its entirety. That's some pretty epic marketing. (And also, a pretty awesome excuse to work out!)
This video is crazy! I wonder if this is the first of many Reebox surprise concerts..
@danidee I hope not because if my favorite band was performing one of these shows, I couldn't guarantee I could run that fast lol.