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After hearing about some cliff collapses and other dangers recently (like this one), I am a little worried about my wife, who now has a bit of a fear of overlooks. We went hiking this weekend, and she was panicking and such. Had to make an early exit from the park.How does one go about getting over this fear? I'm not sure what to say to help her!
Thanks for the suggestions all! We'll see how willing she is to try to get over this soon.
I really think its' just like gradual conditioning. Going somewhere where the overlook is visible, but you don't have to get close to it--just keep moving past. Each time, get a little closer, etc. etc.
Oh god, if anyone knows, I need this answer too. I'm terrified. If I'm anywhere closer than 10 feet from an overpass, I start feeling dizzy from anxiety.
I think you could just stay off of them, couldn't you?
Hmmmm....I mean it's not an unreasonable fear, but it shouldn't cause that big of a reaction in her. I'd say just going on "overlooks" that don't stick out as much/aren't at risk for falling more and more each time an djust remind her that not every one will do that