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I love taking my pup out hiking with me, but it's key that I'm paying attention to her and making sure I notice when something is off. One of those things you have to notice is if they're getting enough water! If you're going to take your dog on the trail, you need to be especially prepared to handle this!
Dogs need to get about the same amount of water as humans when they're exercising--8 ounces per hour. Not all at once, though: large dogs can get bloated from this kind of fast drinking when they're being active!

How can you tell if your pup is dehydrated?

- Visibly tired - Slowed pace/ Less animation - Excessive panting, signs of warmth - Changes in attitude (i.e. appears more apprehensive) - Eyes appear sunken and lack moisture - Dry mouth, gums, nose
- A later, more serious sign is that their skin becomes less elastic!

What should you do?

- If your dog is showing some signs of dehydration, give him electrolyte mixed in water. While
water helps in replenishing a lot of nutrients, electrolyte can do the job more quickly.

- Dogs who have gone a long time without water have a problem holding it down. So let himlick ice, he hydrates himself with licking the ice.
- Give him little bits at a time as he rehydrates!
- If he won't drink, call the vet immediately!
@happyrock I mean it's common sense to want to rehydrate, but just how you can't give someone who's been starving a full meal without them feeling ill, you can't rehydrate a dog that quickly!
I didn't even realize you shouldn't just get your dog all the water he wants :( thanks for letting me know. I don't want to hurt them more just trying to help them!!