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Say farewell to tiny and volume-less buns. This braided bun is the answer to an elegant and full updo. For ladies that have thin hair (like myself) you would appreciate the volume you get from this hairstyle. Lastly, it's a stylish and easy hairdo for any occasion.
The trick to this hairstyle is sectioning your hair to make five braids. Note: It does not have to be perfect.
Then roll each braid in to a bun and use bobby pins to secure the bun as you go.
It's that simple!
yes, I did try it and it was good! Thanks! :-)
@ZAhmed98 I tried it with my medium hair and it turned out great. You'll love it.
I am trying this right now! Thanks for sharing this, recently my hair has been falling out and growing very long. My braids and buns have become so thin! But, this will definitely hide this.
Love how easy this is. I have thin hair and never thought to try this.
I have medium hair but that's not stopping me from trying this.
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