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Playlist List:

Hyuna- Red
MBLAQ- Mona Lisa
B1A4- Lonely
G.NA- Oops
4Minute- Cut It Out
K.Will- My Heart Is Beating
Nochang ft. Vasco/Junggigo/No.Mercy- Hieut
Akmu- Melted
Swings ft. Seo In Guk- Would You?
Block B- NalinA

• Hyuna- Red

Hyuna's songs tend to get stuck in my head XD Red is no exception <3

• MBLAQ- Mona Lisa

I was pretty obsessed with this song for awhile XD Don't judge me lol

• B1A4- Lonely

This song is so catchy. I tried to get this song out of my head once. I failed of course. I woke up humming it. XD

G.NA- Oops

Man, her voice is amazing. Perfect amount of bubbly lol

• 4Minute- Cut It Out

Who else loves this song?! <3 I freaking love the beat.

• K.Will- My Heart Is Beating

Why is this video so damn cute?!

• Nochang ft. Vasco/Junggigo/No.Mercy- Hieut

Man! I swear, Junggigo is the cherry on top to this already great song <3!

• Akmu- Melted

I had only listened to this song but never watched the video for it. It made me tear up XD Powerful video. Very well executed. -claps-

• Swings ft. Seo In Guk- Would You?

Swings and Seo In Guk in a suit lookin' extra fine. What more could you ask for? XD Lol Ignore me.

• Block B- NalinA

Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga, Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga XD! Why do they always hook me with these catchy songs?! <3

I hope you guys enjoyed this mix <3.

If not, I'm sorry XD Organizing this was a pain in the buns.
*Do you ever just start watching videos of your bias on Youtube and when you're finally ready to call it quits it automatically starts playing another video and you're like...omg now I have to watch this one. How could I not? It never ends XD No? Just me? Okay ._.
@jiggzy19 Aw thank you! XD Good to know I'm not alone Lol I wonder how much time in my life I have lost just by watching videos on Youtube. Then again, that's a scary thought
Lol no not just you haha XD Yeah your list was super!
oooh cool list.
YESSSS. I love so many of these songs so mucch. "Would You?" and "Lonely" are my faaaveesss.
@aabxo that is a freaky thought...but now I'm curious to know lol :D
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