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And over here we have....

Good day to skate. Weather was perfect all day! The line up? 1. Powell - Peralta popsicle (daughters board) Mini-Logo trucks and bushings Bones Wheels 2. Bustin Ibach 39 Caliber 50's Abec 11 70's Flashbacks 81a Bones Reds Bearings 3. Gravity Big Kick 45 Randal 50's 180mm Gravity Hi-Grade Wheels 76mm 77a Bones Reds 4. Took this shot on my lunch break! Shows a little of the concave and my feet lol. __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Picked up the Ibach today and I'm loving it! Super speed stiff with tub concave all the way through no open areas near the ends so your locked in...has a slight W concave also...the Cal's are tight/stable for speed when needed but are super responsive/turny at the same time most excellent truck... Blood Orange 81a bushings-barrel board side cone road side (stock set up) I'll change those later... those Abec Wheels are grippy, big and fast (no sliding yet) My daughter put her board down and took off with my Ibach, now she wants a longboard lol I'll post more Ibach photos later and I might give a better review after I shred it some more, unless my daughter runs away with it lol! Shut up and Skate!
I don't think you'd have any trouble it's thick alright but it's lighter than you'd think with it being 9 plys... tried weighing it a second ago and the scale wouldn't acknowledge it's presence. There's the 37 also but the way the tub concave works you'd have to have small feet as it's 9.5 inches wide... course I wear 13's and my foot sticks out some but there's not a regular sized longboard where my feet won't sick out.
I'll take a better shot of the concave later that's just what I had on my phone...but there's a nice slight W in the middle @DanielSpazJames
I'll add another photo but it's ten inches from end to end
Let me ride it a while I'll tell ya what I think. But so far it's great. @DanielSpazJames
So glad one of the vinglers got an ibach I've been looking at it and want one, i trust you guys so much more than the other online reviews.
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