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Daily stress, exhaustion, and gravity can give you unwanted wrinkles. Many ladies notice the first signs of aging in their mid to late 20s. However, it doesn't mean you should wait until your first fine line as a cue to take care of your skin. Some people actually get wrinkles in their teens. You don't have to spend on expensive anti-aging products to prevent wrinkles. A simple habit such as facial massage might be the best thing your skin needs.

How to incorporate facial massage in your beauty routine?

In the evening lightly apply moisturizer with upward and outward strokes.
Weekly or Bi-weekly
Use essential oil to do a deep tissue massage (refer to video below). This method will de-stress your skin, improve circulation and give you a mini face lift.
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FYI, massaging your temples could instantly make your eyes feel more awake and it also relieves stress.
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so how does this work? I have a hundred stress wrinkles
3 years ago·Reply
@beywatch I personally use two methods. However, I do the deep tissue facial massage once a month because of my busy scdule.
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That's so weird. I was confused earlier because my phone only showed the first image. no video. that's why I was like...how does this work.
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