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if you wanna watch really good anime, with a good story and can't make you stop watching it, here are some of the best anime i've ever watched.... p.s i didn't even sleep to finish all of the episodes, which is not good
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Some of these are SO long though!!! I'd never finish them (or sleep....like, ever). I've seen bits of all of them though!
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ya, like fullmetal alchemist has 64 episodes, steins gate has 24 + ova, and and lelouch rebellion has 50 + ovas, but...the story, it's just so good that i couldn't help it but stay up all night...@timeturnerjones
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@rahmiburhan I'm worried about doing that, hahah!!!
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Code Geass!!!! Woohoo! I love lelouch!
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Love FMAB & Code Geass. They give me chills like notch anime do. I'd like to Add Death Note to the list. xD
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