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Well guys, this deck is weird. Seriously, odd as hell. I love it, glad I got one of the last ones an if you get the shot Id say get one. They're awesome trick decks. Ive worked on a few simple tricks all pretty easy to get weird with. Also I busted a few mini standies already, (witch Im stoked about because my standie game sucks) not to mention pumping on this this is crazy easy. Between the pockets an the twin kicks I cant not like this deck. Sadly I fully understand why Bustin no longer makes this thing. It is like I said weird, an come to think of it honestly you probably shouldn't get one. Saying this deck isn't for everyone, would be an understatement. This is barely for anyone! I though I love it, Im gonna shred it, and Im gonna hopefully one day hang her up on the wall. Any questions you gals n pals got I didn't cover let me know. Also remember Ive had an rode a lot of other decks if anyone has questions or wants a review just let me know. Now stop freaking reading this shit n go shred.