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This was requested by @stargaze. She recently caught a flew and wanted to know how to look lively with minimal makeup.
I'm sure we all come across a week where we have the worst of cold symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, and fevers). However, our busy schedule (like school or work) prevents us from snuggling in bed under a blanket. When that happens we may not be able to feel our best while doing meeting people or doing our regular task. Here's a few pointers on looking (friendly) and pretty while not feeling your best.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is a no-no for your health and skin. First of all, this will decrease the speed of healing. Second, your skin will look dull and dry. Chapped lips are the worst.
- If you have runny nose put a drop of lotion aloe or vitamin E lotion to prevent the area to dry out.
- If you have chapped lips use a hydrating tinted lip balm to moisturize your pout and liven up your overall complexion.

Reduce redness

I don't know which one is worst - looking like rudolph or having bloodshot eyes. However, there's hope to reduce redness on those areas!
Tip: - Use eye drops to desaturate red lines through the day and avoid eye makeup (such as liner or mascara)
- Moisturize your nose area with lotion. In addition, use a green undertone concealer to reduce redness. Set it place with a sheer powder.

Go for a glow

If you overall complexion is dull you will look tired and ill. Applying a full face of foundation will not be the answer to your woe.
Applying a creamy blush close to your natural flush can bring some life back to your face.
Have you tried any of these tips? What's your beauty tip during flu season?
This is such a great card. I have horrible allergies, so I'm always going back and forth from looking like I've been through a battle lol. I think making sure you're constantly applying a rich moisturizer to your nose down to your upper lip is important so you don't spend the rest of the week with these horribly chapped skin. Vaseline is a godsend!
The only flaw with using a concealer is the tissue would wipe it off.
@beywatch Do you use the regular vaseline or vaseline lip therapy?
I can't agree more with the chapped lips. If you spend most of your day communicating with people they will notice your dry, flaky lips. It's pretty distracting. So, moisture your lips!